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James Okubo is a filmmaker based out of Canada, Japan and the US.

James Okubo


James Okubo has been in the industry for close to a decade. His passion for film began as a 12 year old child when his parents bought him a Compact VHS camera for his birthday – and the creative itch has never let up since. With a background in producing, James has a comprehensive understanding of the production process and is able to assess projects from a realistic perspective (everything from budgeting, scheduling and other logistics of the project). He has worked in a wide range of locations including Vancouver, Canada and all the way across the globe in Tokyo, Japan. He has managed and produced numerous projects including commercials, music videos, shorts, features and print campaigns for such clients as: Red Bull, Nike, Asics, Coca-Cola, Chemical Brothers, and many others.

As a Director, James looks for projects that have a fresh new perspective and pose creative ideas that push the boundaries of what we have come to expect of both short form and long form video projects. Whether, you are looking to sell your product or tell a original story, James brings his years of expertise in the field and takes charge of projects hands-on.

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